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Nylon Hair required a brand refresh to be applied across all brand elements - signage, website, collateral, social media etc. Exploring the nature of the name ‘Nylon’, made up from the abbreviations of New York and London, the new brand was updated to reflect the reputations and aesthetics of two of the most stylish, fashion-forward cities in the world.

With this in mind, Nylon was re-branded with a fresh and modern, yet timeless logo and brand elements that allows the business to elevate their standing in the industry and be known amongst some of the best of Melbourne’s salons. 


The secondary logo/brand mark 'N' can be used where the primary logo may not be required, or in contexts where the salon is already known or recognised. This helps to re-establish the brand presence.

This brand mark also creates a fun way for Nylon to incorporate seasonal or trend colours into the logo and branding without compromising the timeless aesthetic of the primary logo. 

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