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The Studio is a creative agency founded in Melbourne that builds and revives brands for success. We focus on strategy, identity and relationships to not only bring brands to life, but thrive. 


Whether you need a new brand, general collateral or a refresh to your current identity, we can help. This includes branding, website development on a user-friendly platform, marketing material, stationary, corporate reports/presentations, digital ads/social media material, print publications, signage and plenty more. We won't bore you with the specifics - just reach out and we'll have you covered. 


Creating and implementing strategies to increase brand awareness, initiating and managing marketing campaigns, social media management, SEO optimisation and email marketing are just some of the areas we excel in. Get in touch to discuss your individual needs.


Along with your brand identity, your voice is a crucial aspect in reaching your target audience and conveying your core values and brand message. If you struggle to get your message out there or simply struggle to find the time, this is one task we can take off your hands. 

We've proudly worked with a variety of clients and industries to build and revive brands. With an emphasis on strategy and  identity, we can ensure your business stands out from the crowd. 

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You can see what we're working on and our daily inspiration by following us on Instagram. Not only do we create brands and strategies to look good, but we emphasise the message and context to allow businesses to be proud of what they're sharing. 

Follow us here @THESTUDIO.AU

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